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Measurement technology on the highest level

Our air2guide measuring instruments for ventilation and air-conditioning meet the highest demands. Their development is based on the "value innovation" philosophy, which involves comprehensive clarification of market and customer requirements. The products, which are very popular among users, are mainly designed for the requirements of ventilation systems for industrial and administrative premises and for manufacturers of ventilation and air-conditioning equipment. The instruments have to be installed in line with the ventilation and air-conditioning directive on filter monitoring and are available in all required sizes and measuring ranges.

air2guide product range

Our air2guide product range includes differential pressure gauges, switches and transmitters, inclined tube manomters, air flow meters, frost protection thermostats, duct/immersion temperature sensors, temperature and humidity sensors as well as air quality and CO2 sensors.

Application examples

  • Differential pressure monitoring in filters
  • Ventilator and blower monitoring
  • Overpressure monitoring in clean rooms
  • Temperature monitoring in heat exchangers
  • Measurement of the volume flow and the air velocity in air ducts and air-conditioning systems
  • Control of air and fire shutters