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Fluidic Techniques is a global leader in the design and manufacture of a full line of precision differential producing flow meters. Our flow measurement solutions range from standard code governed meters such as venturis, flow nozzles and orifice meters to the innovative, patent pending, cutting edge flow technology of our HHR (High Head Recovery) Flow Tube, HHR FlowPak and HHR ProPak.

For over 40 years Fluidic Techniques products and technical expertise have provided flow measurement solutions for a wide range of industries with diverse, complex and harsh applications.

Our modern manufacturing facility houses state of the art machining and welding equipment that is specially equipped for the precision manufacture of Primary Flow Elements. The facility is fully integrated with ten manufacturing bays, 20 tons of crane capacity, 28 machines, manual and CNC, capable of up to 60″ turning radius and 16 welding machines including Stick, Wire, Submerged Arc and TIG. Also included are 20,000 pounds of power rolling equipment capable of handling up to 84″ diameter.

Sales and engineering personnel are well versed on the latest Flow Element sizing and CAD drawing software. The most current codes and standards pertaining to the design and manufacture of Primary Flow Elements are employed. These groups are available to you for preliminary sizing and design assistance which allows us to be an industry leader.

Fluidic Techniques is uniquely positioned to provide flow measurement solutions globally with industry certifications such as:

  • ISO9001-2008
  • ASME “PP”
  • CRN’s for all Provinces
  • GOST
  • CE/PED “H” Module

 Of the 65 Fluidic Techniques employees, a majority have been with the company 15 years or longer. Our employee dedication provides our clients with a level of expertise far surpassing any industry standard.

OIL & GAS - Fluidic Techniques specializes in customized primary flow elements that can fit a variety of needs for the oil and gas industry. Our exact tolerance flow elements are used in oil platforms, refineries and piping systems.

PULP & PAPER - Our primary flow elements are an industry leader for all Pulp & Paper manufacturing processes. Our specialized product line of flow tubes, venturis, restriction unions, orifice plates, meter runs and plate holders provide a wide variety of needs to fill all of your manufacturing solutions.

POWER & ENERGY - Accuracy and versatility are most important when dealing with Power & Energy facilities. Our custom applications can produce varying line sizes for flow elements that can withstand corrosion along with extreme temperatures and environment.

INDUSTRIAL - Fluidic Techniques products are available in various sizes with the special capabilities of handling chemicals, tar sands, corrosion, gases and other flow elements. Our 40+ years of design, manufacturing and quality assurance provides a level of satisfaction un-matched by any of our competitors.

PETROCHEMICAL & REFINERY - With the highest level of certifications in the industry, Fluidic Techniques Petrochemical & Refinery solutions out perform all industry standards for flow elements. Our customized solutions will ensure our products meet your exact specifications and needs for tolerance and durability.

LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS - Our unique measurement technologies are a perfect solution in extreme temperature environments where gas is converted to a liquid state. Our precise design and manufacturing processes provide accurate flow measurement.


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