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PR electronics

Leading Supplier of Controls for Oil and Gas Producers

Since 1974 PR electronics has been dedicated to perfecting their core competence of innovating high precision technology with low power consumption. With a dedicated R&D center that is integrated with a lean production facility headquartered in Denmark, PR electronics is one of the leading companies within signal conditioning.

Their range of temperature transmitters provides the highest level of signal integrity from the measurement point to your control system. You can convert industrial process temperature signals to analog, bus or digital communications using a highly reliable point-to-point solution with a fast response time, automatic self-calibration, sensor error detection, low drift, and top EMC performance in any environment.

Through their commitment to innovation, PR electronics have made pioneering achievements in developing I.S. interfaces with SIL 2 Full Assessment that are both efficient and cost-effective. Their comprehensive range of analog and digital intrinsically safe isolation barriers offers multifunctional inputs and outputs, making PR an easy-to-implement site standard. Their backplanes further simplify large installations and provide seamless integration to standard DCS systems.

PR electronics’ compact, fast, high-quality 6 mm isolators are based on microprocessor technology to provide exceptional performance and EMC-immunity for dedicated applications at a very low total cost of ownership. They can be stacked both vertically and horizontally with no air gap separation between units required.

In addition, their unique range of single devices covering multiple applications is easily deployable as your site standard. Having one variant that applies to a broad range of applications can reduce your installation time and training, and greatly simplify spare parts management at your facilities. Their devices are designed for long-term signal accuracy, low power consumption, immunity to electrical noise and simple programming.

PR electronics’ ranges of displays are characterized by their flexibility and stability. The devices meet nearly every demand for display readout of process signals, and have universal input and power supply capabilities. They provide a real-time measurement of your process value no matter the industry, and are engineered to provide a user-friendly and reliable relay of information, even in demanding environments.

For communication and programming, PR electronics provide inexpensive, easy-to-use, future-ready communication interfaces that can access your PR installed base of products. The detachable 4501 Local Operator Interface (LOI) allows for local monitoring of process values, device configuration, error detection and signal simulation. The next generation, our 4511 Remote Operator Interface (ROI) does all that and more, adding remote digital communications via Modbus/RTU, while the analog output signals are still available for redundancy. With the 4511 you can further expand connectivity with a PR gateway, which connects via industrial Ethernet, wirelessly through a Wi-Fi router or directly with the devices using our PR Process Supervisor (PPS) application. The PPS app is available for iOS, Android and Windows.


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PR electronics Signal Conditioning Solutions

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