Models APA, APA10

Absolute pressure switch

Ex-class protection EEx-d 0 ... 160 mbar abs to 0 ... 1 bar abs

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These robust absolute pressure switches are designed for high stress. Both stainless steel and epoxy coated designs are extremely resistant to environmental influences.

Special Features

  • Range 0-160 mbar to 0-1 bar
  • Proofe pressure up to 11 bar abs.
  • GAS Ex-d DUST Ex-Td Gr. II Cat. 1/2 GD
  • PED certificate
  • Aluminium enclosure, epoxy exterior painting
  • Ingress protection IP 65, NEMA 4
  • Ambient temperature -30 to +85°C
  • 1 or 2 independ set points, SPDT
  • High breaking capacity 15A/220Vac
  • Fixed or adjustable dead band

Absolute pressure switch
  • Absolute pressure switch
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