Model PU-448

Programming unit

For temperature transmitter and resistance thermometer

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For easy configuration of:

  • Temperature transmitters, models T12, T24
  • Resistance thermometers, models TR21, TR30, TR31, TR33 and TR34

Special features

  • Easy to use
  • LED status/diagnostic displays
  • Compact design
  • No further voltage supply is needed for either the programming unit or for the transmitter
  • Measuring the loop current via model T24 transmitter and the TR21, TR30 and TR31 resistance thermometers


This model PU-448 programming unit has been designed for general use in the production facilities of electronic temperature probe and sensor manufacturers. With this interface, model T12 and T24 temperature transmitters, and the TR21, TR30, TR31, TR33 and TR34 series resistance thermometers, can be quickly and easily configured.

The programming unit provides a detailed status/diagnostic display and checks, for each contact, the connection between PC and programming unit as well as the connection between the programming unit and the transmitter.

Coloured LEDs indicate to the operator the current status of the connection. This ensures that faulty connections are reported immediately. Through the colour display, errors are very easily pinpointed.

The programming unit needs no additional voltage supply. The required voltage is taken entirely from the USB interface.

Together with the WIKA_TT, WIKAsoft-TT or WIKA_T12 configuration software a very useful tool has therefore been created, with which one can very easily configure temperature transmitters and resistance thermometers.

By using a model PU-448 programming unit with model T24 temperature transmitters or model TR21, TR30 and TR31 resistance thermometers, the loop current can also be measured.

The electrical connection of the terminals for the configuration of the head-mounted temperature transmitter version is achieved using the magWIK quick connector (patent applied for, Patent No. 102009044676.1).

For the connection to model TR21, TR30, TR31, TR33 and TR34 resistance thermometers, corresponding coupler connectors are available.

Programming unit
  • Programming unit
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