Diaphragm Seals: Ultimate Safety and Protection in Pressure Measurement

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A diaphragm seal protects a gauge from hot, viscous, contaminated or corrosive media. This added layer of protection ensures that the media doesn’t reach the gauge, helping to prevent gauge failure and, more importantly, prevent loss of containment that can cause safety issues for operations and personnel.

Diaphragm seals:

    Prevent your pressure gauges, switches and transmitters from clogging or corrosion
    Reduce fugitive emissions
    Extend the service life of the pressure instrument, which reduces process downtimes
    Reduce or eliminate maintenance costs

A diaphragm seal provides safety, reliability and peace-of-mind.

When Should You Consider a Diaphragm Seal?

When you have a problem, such as

WIKA has the solution

Corrosive media WIKA can develop a custom seal depending on the media. We use a variety of custom alloys, such as PTFE, precious alloys (e.g., gold and silver), or carbon steel.  WIKA’s Metal Bonded Diaphragms work for processes requiring Hastelloy®, Monel® and Tantalum flush diaphragms.
High-temperature media WIKA’s cooling element acts as a heat exchanger to protect the pressure instrument from extreme process temperatures. A diaphragm seal with an 8” cooling tower can withstand temperatures up to 750oF.
Highly viscous media, or one that tends to crystallize or polymerize High Pressure Seals reduce the number of connections within the process, thus providing a built-in anti-clogging feature by eliminating internal cavities.
Non-homogenous media, or one that contains suspended matter that may congest the pressure port of an instrument WIKA’s diaphragm seals, such as the Multi-Purpose Seals, prevent clogging in a variety of processing applications such as pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, food & beverage, chemical, and waste water.
Remote reading is required A diaphragm seal with a capillary line will allow remote installation of a pressure instrument.
Sanitary cleanliness level is critical A WIKA InLine Seal™ eliminates all “dead space” to prevent bacteria growth and settlement.
Application requires high overpressure protection A diaphragm seal with a contoured diaphragm bed (continuous duty) can be configured to provide overpressure protection.
Toxic or hazardous media that may pollute the environment All-welded diaphragm seal gauges provide additional protection.

Use All-Welded Diaphragm Seals for the Most Extreme Environments

WIKA’s All Welded System (AWS) is a diaphragm seal and pressure gauge permanently welded together to create a sealed pressure measurement system. By removing all threaded connections, the AWS seal gauge is a tamper-resistant assembly that doesn’t allow any excess to the system fill and helps eliminates potential leak paths.

WIKA collaborated with diaphragm seal users in the process industry, so our AWS seal gauges meet increased design safety requirements and simplifies installation. The seal and gauge approach leads to fewer safety incidents by preventing media leakage, even if overpressure happens in the line.

WIKA’s all-welded diaphragm seal is well suited for high pulsation and thermal cycling applications and, when configured correctly, is suitable for pump discharge applications.

Because many details must be taken into consideration when selecting diaphragm seals and to ensure a safe satisfactory operation, WIKA’s technical advisors can help you identify and produce a diaphragm seal for your specific application requirements.

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