WIKA XSEL® Process Gauge

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The WIKA XSEL® process gauge is designed for pressure applications in the downstream oil and gas industry. Whether it is extreme environments or severe applications, the XSEL® process gauge is engineered to help prevent premature failures, which can interrupt operations with shut downs and even endanger personnel safety.  The XSEL® process gauge delivers years of accurate service while withstanding extreme environments including system vibration, pulsation and shock.

Additional Information about the WIKA XSEL® Process Gauge

Product information and datasheet: WIKA XSEL 23X.34
Industry information: Oil and Gas

Choosing Process Gauges that Meet Your Needs

WIKA Instrument Corporation has been manufacturing process gauges for over 60 years. Throughout that time, we have witnessed many applications that push a process gauge well beyond normal operating conditions. It is then that any individual process gauge may require complementary products to ensure safety, lower the total cost of ownership and avoid downtime.

There are several solutions to tough processing applications, but one of the main complementary products for a process gauge is a diaphragm seal, which protects the gauge from hot, viscous, contaminated or corrosive media. This added layer of protection ensures that the media doesn’t reach the gauge, helping to prevent gauge failure and, more importantly, prevent leaks that can cause safety issues for operations and personnel.  With just a simple modification, a diaphragm seal can really make a difference in safety, reliability and peace-of-mind.

One of the best solutions for ensuring safety and preventing leaks in extreme applications is WIKA's All-Welded System (AWS). The all-welded system can be retrofitted to an existing process pressure gauge by welding a diaphragm seal permanently to the pressure gauge, creating a dependable, reliable and safe sealed pressure measurement system. By removing all threaded connections, the all-welded system is a tamper-resistant assembly that does not allow any excess to the system fill and helps eliminates potential leak paths.  All-welded systems have the option of Monel® gauges, Hastelloy® gauges or 316L stainless steel gauges.

Additional Information about WIKA’s All-Welded Systems:

Product information and datasheet: WIKA M93X.D1

The Advantages of Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges are used in various industries and sectors every day. For many companies in the process industry, especially those working in petrochemical or wastewater processing, a stainless steel pressure gauge may be the best option. Stainless steel pressure gauges are used for process pressure measurement in severe applications. A process gauge with a fiberglass case may be unsuitable for these industries because they work with highly corrosive substances. The stainless steel construction of WIKA’s industrial pressure gauges provides protection against harsh environments and corrosive elements. These types of process pressure gauges also provide durability and reliability to withstand extreme temperature, shock and vibration.

Processing Industry Sectors

The processing industry converts raw materials such as oil, natural gas, air, water, metals and minerals into various products such as plastics, paper, textiles and rubber for everyday use and consumption. The processing industry is made up of many industry sectors such as chemical, petrochemical, food and beverage and water/wastewater. For processing sectors it is vital to use a specified process pressure instrument for applications to ensure accuracy and industry standards. Pressure instrumentation for the oil and gas industry is also suitable for processing industry applications due to the same critical applications and environments.

The chemical industry is comprised of many processing sectors made up of companies that produce industrial chemicals which are broken down and manufactured into goods for consumers.

Water and Wastewater treatment plants process and treat water before it is released back into the environment or reused for other purposes.

Petrochemical processing plants is an industrial process plant where crude oil is processed and refined into  more petroleum products such as gasoline, kerosene, heating oil and diesel fuel. Gauges used in petrochemical plants can also be used as oil and gas pressure gauges for upstream and midstream applications.

Food and beverage processing plants transform raw ingredients into food for consumption by humans and animals. Industries include meat packing, fish processing, sugar processing and vegetable packaging.

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