Safety Case Pressure Gauge: Designed for Demanding Environments

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The stainless steel 23X.30 4.5" safety case pressure gauge is built to provide reliable pressure readings in demanding applications such as those in the/refining, chemical processing, power generation, oil exploration, and environmental technology industries.

With pressure ranges up to 20,000 PSI and an accuracy of ±1.0% of span (ASME Grade 1A), it is suitable for corrosive environments and gaseous or liquid media that will not obstruct the pressure system.

The design meets American Petroleum Institute (API) and industry-specific specifications and does much more. The stainless steel gauge on the model 23X.30 4.5" features an ASME/ANSI-approved solid front/ blow back safety case while the all-stainless steel construction allows for excellent load-cycle stability and shock resistance.

The Model 23X.30 4.5" safety case pressure gauge is just one of the "30 series" of bourdon tube pressure gauges from WIKA. Other case sizes within this series include the 2.5", 4", and 6".

The Model 23X.30 4.5" includes a number of standard features and other options:

Standard features: 

  • Design: ASME B40.1 and EN 837-1
  • Size: 4 ½ (115mm)
  • Case: 304 stainless steel
  • Ring: Stainless steel, bayonet twist type
  • Wetted Parts: 316L stainless steel
  • Window: Laminated safety glass
  • Dial: White aluminum
  • Pointer: Black aluminum, micro-adjustable
  • Mounting: Lower Mount (LM)
  • Accuracy: +/- 1% of span (ASME B40.1 Grade 1A)

 Available options:

  • Other pressure connections
  • Monel® wetted parts (Model 26X.30)
  • Mounting lugs for surface mounting
  • Glycerin, Silicone, or Halocarbon case filling (LM only)
  • Red drag pointer or mark pointer
  • Custom dial layout
  • Integral alarm contacts
  • Assembly on diaphragm seal
  • Dampened Movement
  • Polycarbonate Window
  • Other pressure scale available: Bar, kPa, MPa, kg/cm², and dual scales  


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