Temperature Monitoring Starts With an Analysis of Your Application

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If the temperature of your media can affect product quality, profitability, or the operational reliability of your equipment, then you need to carefully select your temperature gauge. This selection depends on a variety of factors, such as:

  • Temperature range
  • Materials needed for your application, and environmental and process conditions
  • Fitting thread size and type
  • Stem or capillary length
  • Dial or case size

Accessories needed, such as:

  • Thermowell
  • Silicone filling
  • Dampened movement 
  • Minimum and/or maximum indicating pointers
  • Custom or special dial marking or colors
  • Sliding compression fittings
  • Thread size adapters
  • Project tagging

Based on your specifications, you may need one of the following types of temperature instrument:

  • Bimetal Thermometers meet all temperature measurements standards in the industry. Process grade and industrial grade bimetal thermometers give you a calibrated temperature measurement that is guaranteed to be accurate within 1% of full scale (Grade A per ASME B40.3). You can use this instrument for a myriad of industrial applications because of its simple and rugged measuring system.
  • Digital Thermometers and their digital displays work best for power utilities, petrochemical, and quality control applications where you need exact readings.
  • Twin-Temp Thermometers combine a bimetal thermometer and thermocouple or resistance temperature detector (RTD) electrical output to provide quick and easy readability at the point of process as well as electronic data acquisition for remote monitoring. With two temperature sensors in one insertion point you reduce the potential leak paths from two locations to one. This instrument works best in applications such as power generation, oil and gas, waste water, and pulp and paper.
  • Vapor Actuated Thermometers are economical temperature gauges that provide an accurate remote reading for applications such as refrigeration, solar heating, and water treatment. 
  • Gas Actuated Thermometers can be installed in harsh industrial applications. They provide the solution to mercury-free requirements for food processing, refrigeration, and other mercury-sensitive environments. Gas-actuated thermometers provide more accurate temperature measurement over the full range than vapor-actuated thermometers; they also operate at a wider range than vapor-actuated thermometers.
  • Industrial Glass Thermometers provide impact, shock, and vibration resistance, making them especially useful in process piping, HVAC/R applications, diesel engines, and compressors.

Because you must take many details into consideration when selecting temperature monitoring instrumentation, WIKA’s technical advisors can help you identify and produce the appropriate temperature instrument for your specific application requirements.

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