The XSEL Process Gauge: Proof that Process Gauges Aren’t All the Same

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With so many suppliers in the marketplace, how should processing plants decide which gauges to purchase? Some buyers are motivated by price, and their main concern is getting the lowest cost. Others are more motivated by safety concerns and look for a durable product first and foremost. The problem for buyers is differentiating between one process gauge and another.

But all process gauges are not the same. Lower-priced products appear attractive at first, but they cost more in the long run since they usually have to be replaced more often than quality gauges. When a gauge fails, it can lead to unnecessary costs, downtime, and inconvenience. So in the end,  money isn’t saved at all.

Pressure Gauge Testing

WIKA Instrument has always aimed to better understand customers’ uses and applications of process gauges, especially in refineries and petrochemical and chemical plants. Which gauges were chosen? How did they perform over time? After evaluating market needs and available produts, WIKA learned that, in most cases, a process gauge was a crucial part of most processing systems and needed to be reliable, accurate.

Dedicated engineering a pressure gauge to meet the demands of the processing environment, WIKA extensively tested various liquid-filled and dry process gauges to understand the how operating conditions such as extreme pulsation and vibration, cause wear on the bourdon tube, impactthe gauge movement, and eventually cause gauge failure.

WIKA took its existing process gauge designs and experimented with new materials, designs and technologies. WIKA also tested an enhanced pressure system, which subjected gauges to cycles of ongoing pressure pulsations.

Excellent Test Results

What did all of that testing lead to? Years of testing culminated in XSEL®, a premiere process gauge that:

  • Reduces downtime from regularly replacing worn-out instruments
  • Improves safety and efficiency
  • Measures more precisely with its Swiss-made movements
  • Exceeds pressure gauge standards ASME B40.100 and EN 837-1 (mandatory performance testing)
  • Meets fire-resistant case with flammability rating according to UL 94, V-0 test procedures

The XSEL Gauge is Born

The XSEL process gauge has become the new standard of excellence, increasingly being installed in applications around the world. XSEL’s capacity for extreme conditions and unsurpassed quality and value make it the preferred choice for processing applications and proof that not all process gauges are created equal.

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