Model 990.TC

Standard clamped diaphragm seal

Threaded connection

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  • Intended for aggressive, hot,  corrosive, environmentally hazardous or toxic media.
  • Process industry

Standard Features

  • Process connection with thread to provide for direct threaded connection
  • Version with internal diaphragm, diaphragm seal parts screwed together 
  • Large selection of process connections and materials


Process industry diaphragm seal to combine with Bourdon tube pressure gauges. Intended for corrosive, contaminated, hot or viscous pressure media.

Internal clamped diaphragm with threaded process connection; requires hydraulic fluid to transmit pressure to instrument

Process Connection
¼" to 1" NPT-female or ¼" to ¾" NPT male

Instrument Connection
¼" or ½" NPT-female

Suitable Pressure Ranges (MWP 2500PSI @250°F)
15 psi to 2500 psi

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