Full Audit Service Team (FAST) Program


 Full Audit Service Team (FAST) Services

If used properly, pressure, temperature, level, force, and flow measurement and calibration instruments can be effective alarms for your plant’s performance. However, you don’t want to be the experts and with FAST from WIKA, you don’t have to be. FAST will take care of your instruments to help lower costs, make you safer and reduce downtime. Best of all, FAST is the only solution you need: A total care program for the same price you’re currently paying for gauges.

Instrument Audits

WIKA’s Instrument Audit program provides an expert analysis and solution recommendations. Our FAST technicians help you put the right measurement instruments. in place for your application to curtail potential safety issues.

Turn Around Instrument Planning

Our team performs an Instrument Audit. We standardize what measurement instruments you need and deliver the product when you really need them before your turnaround begins so you can avoid delays.

Instrument Failure Analysis

Send us your failed gauge and our technicians will conduct a root cause analysis. By understanding the mode of failure our FAST technicians can recommend a solution to prevent further safety issues.

Instrument Safety Training

Our FAST technicians can train your team to look for signs of measurement instrument failure when completing a scheduled evaluation of your instrumentation.

Partnering with WIKA will help you lower costs, reduce downtime and make you facility safer. Contact us at info.ca@wika.com for more information.


If you need assistance ensuring your instruments are working properly, our FAST audit team can help. We will initiate a 5-step process to:

  1. Investigate - Find the critical issues facing the plant; the problems you see as well as the ones you don’t.
  2. Diagnose - Discover the cause of any current or potential instrument misapplication that poses a threat to safety or productivity.
  3. Recommend - Provide solutions to correct issues before they become costly incidents.
  4. Consolidate - Audit your storeroom to eliminate any redundant or inappropriate SKUs so that you only have the right products for your applications.
  5. Compliance - Provide a sure-fire process to help avoid future issues and make sure products meet your standards.

At the end of the process we will provide a final report on current gauge installations, including:

  • A recommended plan of action for transitioning to new population. 
  • An Easy Order Guide that will help installers navigate to the appropriate new configurations. 
  • An Application Guide, which provides recommendations for specific installations and categorizes them by the process characteristics.
  • A recommended procedural and engineering controls list, such as stainless steel tags, that will improve replacement time and accuracy.

These tools will be the basis of a comprehensive, sustainable gauge maintenance program.  This program will reduce the misapplication of instruments and the amount of carried inventory. It will also lead to a reduction in maintenance time spent replacing gauges and improved safety by ensuring that the proper gauge is used for each application.

For more information, or to book an instrumentation audit, contact us at info.ca@wika.com.


In today’s competitive environment, plants are being run harder and longer. Scheduled plant shutdowns or turnarounds help companies address equipment issues before they cause costly unplanned downtime.

Our FAST engineers can help streamline and improve the success of your plant turnarounds with Turnaround Instrument Planning. Our team will perform a full Instrument Audit and standardize the pressure and temperature measurement instruments you need...before your turnaround actually begins.

During the Instrumentation Audit, we will determine the status of the gauges; identify any problem gauges as well as ways to standardize instruments. We will also recommend the types and number of gauges needed; pre-order parts and deliver them to the work site prior to the installation scheduled date.  We will provide status reports, document change orders and open communication on your needs. 

This process will eliminate the discovery of worn or broken gauges during start-up as well as provide updated gauge installations with best-in-class technology.  It will reduce maintenance costs, increase safety and reliability, provide longer unit life and help extend period between shutdowns.

Partnering with WIKA will help you lower costs, reduce downtime and make you facility safer.  Contact us at info.ca@wika.com for more information.


Sometimes it seems that one particular gauge needs replacing a lot more often than others, and you don’t know why. In order to avoid equipment failures, the root causes of failure must be understood and systematically removed.

We can help.  Send your problem instruments to our FAST experts, even if it is a competitor’s product and we will conduct a root cause analysis.   If needed, we can travel to your plant to review the application and installation and conduct a thorough root cause analysis, which helps if the gauge failures are due to other problems in the process.
We will provide a root cause analysis report and recommendations on how to solve problems. Throughout the process, our FAST engineer works with you to determine the implementation steps.

The end result will be a reduction in maintenance costs and process downtime, a reduction in gauge replacement and improved safety and reliability.

To return an instrument for a failure analysis or to schedule a site application evaluation, contact us at info.ca@wika.com.


The Abnormal Situation Management Consortium found that one of the most common causes of procedural operations failures in process plants was ‘‘failure to detect abnormal conditions.” Our FAST engineers can train your team to look for signs of failure and understand what is causing it.

We work with you to tailor the presentation to the needs of your facility.  Your team will come away knowing how to apply gauges, identify and correct problems, and use gauges to troubleshoot larger issues. In addition, we will provide an easy-to-follow guide on how to spot common gauge failures with proven solutions to eliminate the problem from recurring.

Ultimately, your team will be better prepared to apply continuous improvement to operations and processes.   This will lead to reductions in maintenance costs, operational disruptions and unplanned downtime while improving employee productivity and increasing safety and reliability.

Contact us at info.ca@wika.com for more information.


A brochure in PDF form about FAST (Full Audit Service Team) services.

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