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MTS Sensors

Magnetostrictive Liquid-Level Transmitters with Temposonics® Technology

MTS Sensors is the pioneer and world leader in magnetostrictive technology for level measurement and temperature meaurement.  MTS has been manufacturing magnetostrictive sensors for over 40 years and continues to push the boundaries of the technology with increased accuracy, longer measurement lengths, multiple position sensing, and other key features.  For liquid level measurement, the MTS Level Plus® line of liquid level transmitters feature 3-IN-1 measurement of product level, interface level, and temperature in a tank through one process opening.  This combined sensing capability creates a lower installed cost by reducing the required amount of instruments, cables, and conduit.

MTS has an expansive installed base in numerous markets ranging from hazardous areas including Oil & Gas, Chemical, and Mining to sanitary markets such as Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage.  Applications in these industries include Bulk Storage tanks, Reactors, SX pools, Bioreactors, CIP tanks, and many more.  No other product or technology can match the performance of MTS liquid level transmitters in harsh environments including vibration, agitation, foaming, gas layering and steam.  High performance and 3-IN-1 measurement keep MTS at the forefront of liquid level measurement.


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Product overview of Liquid Level Transmitters from MTS Sensors.

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