Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology

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 Measurement & Calibration Technology for Healthcare Needs

Given the increasing demands on quality, product safety and precision measurement systems in pharmaceutical production and the manufacturing of medical devices, surgical equipment and innovative medical solutions, precise calibration and measurement solutions play a significant role in the safety and effectiveness of the processes. Contamination - free and sensitive process management in this area calls for reliable measurement and calibration equipment that is highly accurate.

 Our Strengths

We offer wide range of standard products for pressure and temperature measurement & calibration. These products are suited to meet the high standards and specifications for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. This is further enhanced by our capability to offer customized solutions to meet individual customer needs. We also provide calibration services traceable to national standards to ensure the quality and precision of your equipment.


  • Monitoring barometric pressure
  • Clean room sensors & gauges calibration
  • Surgical instrument pressure testing
  • Drug manufacturing process calibration
  • Human blood pressure simulation
  • Intelligent hospital bed sensor calibration
  • Thermometer calibration for sterilizers
  • Calibration of sensors in respiration equipment

Perfect Symbiosis

Throughout the long-standing partnership between Neumo and WIKA, many pressure and temperature measuring instruments have been developed with connectors specially designed for the sterile process technology. The Neumo connectors, especially developed for the pharmaceutical industry, are particularly suited to adaptation of pressure and temperature gauges in piping systems and containers.

Whether you need mechanical, mechatronic or electronic measuring instruments, at WIKA you will find the widest range of pressure and temperature gauges, which meet the GMP guidelines and the requirements of pharmaceutical production and biotechnology.

Customised Solutions

For the different challenges in the sterile processing industry, various versions of NEUMO connections are available:

  • BioControl®
  • BioControl® CS
  • BioConnect®
  • BioConnect® HD
  • Connect S®

Your Advantage

Advantage for the user is the perfect compatibility of the measuring instruments on the fittings. An extensive range of measuring equipment meets all requirements on the instrumentation.

The BioControl® housing is available at WIKA.

For details regarding the NEUMO connections please see

Special Features

  • Elastomer-free sealing contour
  • Sealing function in the metallically elastic area
  • Resealable several times without destroying the sealing contour
  • No problems with the media compatibility of elastomers


  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Life Science
  • Biotechnology processes


The 1.4435 stainless steel connection combines measuring instruments and BioControl® CS housings on an all-metal basis. In comparison to connections with elastomer sealings, it is unaffected by temperature influences and aggressive products and media.

The risk of defective O-rings and thus cross-contamination is eliminated. The measuring instruments – in combination with diaphragm seals or thermowells – can therefore be used exceptionally safely. The sealing contour is not affected by repeated resealing.

At the same time, maintenance and replacement tasks, which occur regularly with worn plastic sealings, are eliminated. The operator increases safety and minimises costly process downtime, and therefore saves costs. With these new products, WIKA is primarily addressing the pharmaceutical industry.

WIKA has worked with licensing and EPC companies for more than 30 years on major projects all over the world. We partner with you from the planning stages through to completion, and we provide post-project support. In addition to supplying high-quality process measurement instruments for temperature, pressure, level and flow applications, we can also work with you to develop solutions that meet your exact requirements.

WIKA also offers on-site expertise and technical support services to help ensure the success of your project. For more information, contact us.

The factors of capacity

Our high level of performance is essentially based on three factors: A wide and innovative product range, comprehensive and competent service and a reliable global presence. We are pleased to be committed to your success, too.

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Calibration services

Entrust the calibration and maintenance of your measuring instruments to a competent partner.