Force transducers (also called force sensors or load cells) are used for the reliable measurement of tension and compression forces. The force transducers from WIKA are manufactured using either bonded foil strain gauge or thin-film technology. Strain gauge force sensors offer a large geometrical variety and high accuracy, and are well suited for detecting even the smallest forces. The span of the measuring ranges stretches from 0.5 N to over 10,000 kN. Force transducers using thin-film technology are very cost-effective for special manufacture or OEM applications, and are ideal for safety-related applications due to their redundant output signals.

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What is a breaking load?

The breaking load is the force of the force transducer above which mechanical destruction is to be expected.

What is a rated temperature range?

The rated temperature range is the ambient temperature range in which the force transducer complies with the error limits of the temperature-dependent specifications.

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