Model A2G-20

Air Velocity Transmitter Type A2G-20, air2guide

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  • For measuring air velocity and temperature in gaseious media of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems
  • Building automation and process control systems
  • Supply and exhaust fan tracking
  • Clean room control systems

Special Features

  • Simple installation
  • High reliability
  • Three air velocity ranges, one temperature range selectable by jumpers
  • Two output signals in one instrument
  • Comes standard with duct mounting flange

Special Features

Design standards
EMC directive: 2004/108/EC
RoHS directive: 2002/95/EC
Low voltage directive: 2006/95/EC
WEEE directive: 2002/96/EC

Measuring ranges
Air velocity:
Measuring range 0...390 FPM (2 m/s), 0...1,970 FPM (10 m/s) and 0...3,940 FPM (20 m/s)

(Range selectable via jumper. Unit cannot be selected)

Temperature: +32...+122°F

Air velocity:
Measuring range 0 ...390 FPM : < 19.6 FPM (±) 5% of measured value
Measuring range 0...1,970 FPM : < 98.1 FPM (±) 5% of measured value
Measuring range 0 ... 3,940 FPM : <196.2 FPM (±) 5% of measured value
Temperature: <0.5 °C (>1.2 °F)

Operating temperature
Ambient: +32 ...+122 °F
Storage: -4 ... +158 °F
Operation:+32 ... +122 °F, max. 85% rH

Ingress protection
IP 54 per EN 60529 / lEC 529 (NEMA 3)

Measuring element
Pt1000 and NTC10k

Plastic (ABS)

Electrical connection
PG-gland M16

Output signal
Air velocity:
0 ... 10 V (linear to FPM), load min. 1 kOhm or
4 ... 20 mA (linear to FPM), load max. 400 Ohm
0 ... 10 V (linear to °F), load min. 1 kOhm or
4 ... 20 mA (linear to °F), load max. 400 Ohm

Supply voltage
AC/DC 24 V ±10 %

Type of mounting
Duct installation mounting flange

Air Velocity Transmitter Type A2G-20, air2guide
  • Air Velocity Transmitter Type A2G-20, air2guideMeasuring instruments for ventilation and air-conditioning
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