Model A2G-85

CO2 Sensor, A2G-85, air2guide

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  • The CO2 sensing system uses real time CO2 measure-ments to determine actual occupancy during the day. A system using the CO2 sensor adjusts outside air delivery to provide only the amount of ventilation needed, thus virtually eliminating 100% of excessive amount of outside air used in a building
  • For the CO2 measurement, a "Non Dispersive InfraRed (NDIR)" technology with automatic self-calibration is used

Special Features

  • Easy installation
  • Maintenance-free
  • Compact and robust design
  • Standard offering includes mounting flange


Wherever people are staying in rooms, the CO2 concentration is an evident indicator for the room quality. The higher the CO2 content, the worse the air quality.

Design standards
Per 2004/108/EC Electromagnetic compatibility Product safety: 2001/95/EC
Product safety
EMC: EN 60730-1:2002
Product safety: EN 60730-1:2002

Analog outputs
0 ... 10 V, analog output max. 10 mA

Temperature dependency
<0.2 % of the full scale value every 1.8 °F

Typically ±40 ppm + 4% of the measured value

Permissible temperature
Ambient: + 32 ... +122 ºF
Operation: + 32 ... +122 ºF, max. 85% rH, non-condensing

Ingress protection
IP 20 per EN 60529 / lEC 529

approx. 2.9 lbs

CO2 Sensor, A2G-85, air2guide
  • CO2 Sensor, A2G-85, air2guideMeasuring instruments for ventilation and air-conditioning
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