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Why the HP-2 Can Handle the Pressure in High-Pressure Applications

Why the HP-2 Can Handle the Pressure in High-Pressure Applications

High-pressure processing (HPP) is becoming increasingly popular in today's world, and finding pressure sensors and transmitters that can perform under these extreme conditions can be a challenge. Look no further. WIKA's HP-2 pressure transmitter can handle the pressure: It is designed for high-pressure applications up to 225,000 psi, or 15,000 bar.

So what makes the HP-2 the right choice for these high-pressure situations?

Built to Last

The HP-2's special cavitation protection ensures a long operating life, especially during hydroforming of tubes.. The pressure transmitter's longevity extends the usually short calibration cycles for high-pressure processing ranges. This stability makes it an economical choice since it reduces plant downtime. A few examples of where the HP-2 shows its strength in high-pressure applications:

  • Autofrettage of high-pressure tubes: This fabrication technique uses enormous pressure to give metals greater strength and durability. Tubular structures subjected to extreme bursts of energy—such as fuel-injection tubes and cannon barrels—are typically made via autofrettage.
  • Hydroforming of tubes: This technique applies internal pressure to enlarge tubing. The tube assumes the shape of the fixture in which it is encased as pressure is applied.
  • High-pressure processing: This technique pasteurizes food (such as fruit and vegetable juices) at relatively low temperatures and preserves nutrients and taste.

Other applications include test benches for burst pressure, water-jet cutting, high-pressure cleaning, and LDPE plants.

More Features

The HP-2 offers these features and benefits as well:

  • Improved thin-film process
  • New amplifier design
  • Bonded thin-film sensor
  • Great load cycle resistance
  • Smaller pressure screw with improved autofrettage results
  • Optional exchangeable pressure connection (EPC)
  • Optional integrated cavitation and peak-pressure protection (DIPS)

The HP-2 pressure transmitter is one of many WIKA pressure transmitters and transducers that deliver ruggedness, reliability, and longevity in a number of industrial settings. 

Contact a WIKA representative to find out more about the HP-2 or request a quote with our online form.

With angular connector

With angular connector