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WIKA P-30 Pressure Transmitter: Built to Meet Exacting Standards in a Compact Design

WIKA P-30 Pressure Transmitter: Built to Meet Exacting Standards in a Compact Design

Precision Pressure Transducer Meets Demanding Accuracy and Measuring Requirements

The WIKA P-30 pressure transmitter offers precise measurement for critical applications. This electronic pressure line offers pressure transmitters and pressure transducers specifically designed to meet the increasing design demands of industrial and OEM applications, and integrated electronic systems.

During the development of the P-30 pressure transmitter, WIKA evaluated the requirements for test bench technology in the automotive industry. Data analysis plays an important role in test benches for optimizing power train performance, and these instruments must meet high demands for accuracy and measuring rate.

The size of the P-30 precision pressure transducer has been reduced by 30% compared to the Model P-10. Thanks to its compact and robust design, the P-30 pressure transmitter can be easily integrated into standard 19-inch test racks or cabinets with limited space. Furthermore, it can be connected to the USB interface of any PC and calibrated and adjusted using the optional “EasyCom” configuration software. This software also provides for zero and span point adjustments.

Active temperature compensation of the P-30 pressure transmitter is provided by microprocessor-controlled digital signal processing and internal temperature measurements. No additional temperature error occurs between 50…140°F (10…60°C). The advanced digital processing circuitry provides a measuring rate of up to 1 ms and is comparable to analog output pressure transmitters. The P-30 pressure transmitter also provides non-linearity of up to 0.04% of span (B.F.S.L.).

P-30 Special Features

  • 0.1% accuracy with no additional temperature error between 50…140°F (10…60°C)    
  • 0.05% accuracy available    
  • 1 kHz measuring rate for fast data acquisition    
  • Internal USB interface connection for calibration and adjustment    
  • Space-saving, compact design

P-30 Optional Features

Pressure ranges are available from 100 INWC to 15,000 PSI. Vacuum, absolute, compound, and other engineering units are available to meet specific requirements. A variety of electrical process connections and signal outputs are also available.

The P-31 pressure transmitter features a flat, non-clogging flush diaphragm for use with slurries or crystallizing media that may clog the orifice of the P-30 pressure transmitter.

P-30 Applications

  • Calibration technology  
  • Laboratories and maintenance shops    
  • Test benches
WIKA P-30 Pressure Transmitter: Built to Meet Exacting Standards in a Compact Design