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Pressure Transducers are Prescribed for Pharmacies

Pressure Transducers are Prescribed for Pharmacies

WIKA’s pressure transducers do not actually count the pills in a pharmacy, but they are a big part of a pharmacy’s equipment. The pharmaceutical industry uses pneumatic and hydraulic conveyance systems to transport and dry granular media, powders, and other substances.

Pressure transducers control the pneumatic and hydraulic systems’ powering motion, including:

  • Pneumatic blowers and vacuum suction systems used for powder transport and drying
  • Compressors used in conjunction with desiccant filters to blow or suction dry air through the pharmaceuticals
  • Hydraulic corkscrews and conveyor belts used for controlled transport of pharmaceuticals of all forms.

Pressure transducers also measure and control the compressor suction and discharge pressures in hydraulic systems.

Pressure transducers used in material conveying equipment

The WIKA S-10, S-11, S-10-3A, and SA-11 electronic pressure transducers have been designed for accuracy, reliability, and quality in sanitary pharmaceutical applications like material conveying equipment. They are used to:

  • Measure compressor pressure
  • Measure and control vacuum pump pressure
  • Measure and control hydraulic fluid pressure

Pharmaceutical material conveying equipment in sanitary applications call for pressure transducers to be compatible with dust and fine particles and hydraulic fluids. The pressure transducers themselves are responsible for measuring and controlling the pressure from compressors and pumps in an effort to control the flow rate of powdered pharmaceutical production and processing. 3A sanitary compliant process connections may be necessary for applications in direct contact with pharmaceutical substances.

Pressure transmitter selection considerations

When selecting a pressure transmitter, it is important to consider:

• High accuracy  

• High repeatability  

• Meets 3A sanitary criteria, when required  

• Wash down resistant

• CIP or SIP tolerant when required.


To find out more about how WIKA’s pressure transducers can assist with pharmaceutical applications, contact WIKA today.