Answering the Question: Which Process Gauge Should I Choose?

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Process gauges often leave maintenance professionals shaking their heads as they ask questions like:

  • Will the pressure gauge be durable enough to withstand my extreme operating environments?
  • What is the right pressure gauge for my application
  • Do I need a dry or liquid-filled gauge?
  • Will the gauge give me accurate readings?

The truth is that maintenance professionals today are busy keeping their plants in good order, and worrying about pressure gauges might not be top of their lists. But thoroughly researching gauges takes time – time they don’t have..

The solution to your problem

The XSEL® process gauge from WIKA features a state-of-the-art pressure system design that provides maximum performance and longevity in situations when liquid-filled gauges aren’t appropriate. In fact, the XSEL gauge was designed specifically to raise the performance of a dry pressure gauge to that of a liquid-filled gauge for the most severe applications that involve extreme temperatures, vibrations, and other rugged conditions.

The XSEL process gauge makes installation a snap too, featuring:

  • Four-sided wrench flats on the stem
  • A case design that allows the dial to be rotated every 90 degrees for four different mounting positions
  • Easy access to the movement for field calibration
  • A standard field-fillable case

XSEL process gauges provide a long service life that helps reduce maintenance time. The XSEL exceeds pressure gauge standards ASME B40.100 and EN 837-1 (mandatory performance testing) and meets fire-resistant case with flammability rating according to UL 94, V-0 test procedures. In addition, WIKA offers the industry's best warranty on all XSEL process gauges with a standard 5/10 year warranty. 

The XSEL process gauge series includes models

21X.34, 22X.34, 23X.34, and 26X.34, which are readily available in standard ranges. WIKA offers a quick response time if you prefer to customize the gauges to meet your specific requirements. Simply Contact a WIKA representative for more information.

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