Fugitive Emissions: A Costly Nightmare...A Simple Solution

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More than 83% of controllable fugitive emissions come from only 0.24% of the piping components.* The WIKA® All-Welded System can ensure that a pressure gauge is not one of those leak points.

*Source: Analyses by the American Petroleum Institute

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All-Welded System
For the Most Extreme Applications

One of the best solutions for ensuring safety and preventing leaks in extreme applications is the WIKA® All-Welded System (AWS) gauge. The AWS can be fitted to a pressure gauge by welding a diaphragm seal permanently to the pressure gauge connection, creating a dependable, reliable and safe sealed pressure measurement system.

  • Tamper-resistant assembly by eliminating all threaded connections
  • Fewer safety incidents by preventing media leakage, even when surges and pressure spikes happen in the line
  • Exceeds pressure gauge standards ASME B40.100 and EN 837-1 (mandatory performance testing)
  • The AWS can be produced in 316 stainless steel, Monel® and Hastelloy®

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