Make Dialing Back to Zero a Snap with the Zero Adjustment Option on the Type 2XX.34 Process Gauge

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All of WIKA Instrument Corporation’s Type 2XX.34 (4.5") liquid-filled and dry process gauges feature an external zero adjustment option, which makes adjusting the gauge after it has been installed as simple as dialing back to zero. The external zero adjustment mechanism is conveniently located on the front of the gauge so there is no need to disassemble the gauge when pointer adjustments are necessary.

Simply insert a small screwdriver into the slot on the lens, shown in the Figure 1, and turn the dial. This option allows for up to 15 degrees of radial movement and can be used for adjustments above or below the zero mark.

When is zero adjustment needed?

The external re-zero option is highly suitable for process gauges prone to zero shift. Applications where it is beneficial include low pressure ranges, liquid-field cases, instruments exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations, and with diaphragm seal assemblies.

Which gauges feature zero adjustment? 

Type 2XX.34 process gauge series includes these models:

  • 212.34 – XSEL® Process Gauge - Copper Alloy - Dry Case
  • 213.34 – XSEL® Process Gauge - Copper Alloy - Liquid-Filled Case
  • 222.34 – XSEL® Process Gauge - 1019 Steel Socket - Dry Case
  • 223.34 – XSEL® Process Gauge - 1019 Steel Socket - Liquid-Filled Case
  • 232.34 – XSEL® Process Gauge - Stainless Steel - Dry Case
  • 233.34 – XSEL® Process Gauge - Stainless Steel - Liquid-Filled Case - Dry Case
  • 262.34 – XSEL® Process Gauge - Monel Alloy Parts - Dry Case - Liquid-Filled Case 
  • 263.34 – XSEL® Process Gauge - Monel Alloy Parts - Liquid-Filled Case 

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