S-20 High Performance Customizable Pressure Transmitters: Excellence in Extreme Conditions

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The S-20 pressure transmitters follow WIKA’s criteria for excellence in manufacturing and provide extremely reliable and accurate performance in the most demanding conditions. S-20 pressure transmitters can be specifically designed to work in most general industrial, as well as research and development, processes in:

  • Water and wastewater controls
  • Food and beverage production
  • Mobile hydraulics
  • HVAC controls
  • Pumps and sprayers systems

The large number of available customizable selections for S-20 pressure transmitters makes it easy to tailor them to fit the particular requirements of each application. Some of the available options are:

  • Several continuous measuring ranges in all common engineering units
  • Three different accuracy grade
  • A variety of standard industry output signals
  • All common international electrical connections, cables and housings
  • Extended temperature ranges, with optional integrated cooling element
  • Customer pin assignment

S-20 pressure transmitters also come in an all stainless-steel design for heavy duty applications, or in special versions for hydrogen and oxygen processes. With up to five times overload safety and protection against pressure spikes, S-20 pressure transmitters are safe and dependable, even when exposed to harsh environments, extreme shock or vibration.

To ensure the high level of quality characteristic of all its products, WIKA controls 100% of the state-of-the-art manufacturing process of all versions of customized S-20 pressure transmitters, consistently delivering an outstanding product quickly and economically. Each S-20 pressure transmitter must pass a quality check prior to distribution, to make certain it complies with all WIKA’s quality standards, in addition to conforming to the specific requirements of the customer. The results of this test are supplied along with each unit at no extra charge.

In addition, the S-20 pressure transmitters are ready for shipping in days instead of weeks. Some of the popular designs are even regularly kept in stock.

Find more information about the customizable S-20 High Performance Pressure Transmitters for general industrial applications in:

As with other WIKA products, S-20 high performance pressure transmitters are supported worldwide by WIKA’s experienced and qualified personnel. WIKA’s engineers can be reached via email info@wika.ca.

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