InSight™ and InSight Glow™ Improve Readability

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Nobody likes having to squint or point a flashlight to read gauges in dim light or shadowy situations.

Furthermore, no one can predict when the lights will go out in even the best-lit industrial facilities — such as a power outage or an emergency involving heavy smoke. And then there's the added challenge of readability in low light: The finer the detail a worker needs to read, the greater the illumination required.

Proper lighting simply cannot reach into every corner where an instrument is installed. That's why WIKA now offers two gauge-illumination options — InSight™ and InSightGlow™ — featuring large, easy-to-read numerals that make it easier to take readings in settings such as:

• The interior of chemical and petroleum plants, including tanks and pipes.
• HVAC systems and ductwork.
• Low light plant interiors
• Areas in shadow behind complex machinery.
• Industrial processes characterized by heavy steam, which can obscure sight and readability.
• Difficult-to-reach corners of process equipment.
• Any plant interior that experiences a fire or other emergency that limits lighting.


The InSight option includes a retro-reflective material affixed to the dial face. At daylight, the fluorescent color absorbs non visual UV light reflecting additional light and making the gauge even more visible. At low light, the pattern of the retro-reflective material also makes the dial more visible to stand out among other regular gauges.

This easy-to-view option comes in three colors: white, fluorescent yellow, and fluorescent orange. It is currently available on industrial and process type gauges (SS wetted parts) and bimetal thermometers for both dry and liquid-filled case options, in sizes from 2 ½” to 6” in diameter.

InSight GlowTM

The InSight Glow option uses a retro-reflective, photo-luminescent dial design that illuminates the entire front of the instrument dial for an extended amount of time when exposed to a light source for as little as 10 seconds. The dial appears bright white in darkness, fog, smoke, and fire.

Like the InSight option, the Glow is also available on industrial and process type gauges (SS wetted parts) and bimetal thermometers for both dry and liquid-filled case options, in sizes from 2 ½” to 6” in diameter.

Additional Factors to Consider

WIKA has developed additional options to enhance the readability of gauges. For example, a magnification window enables instruments to be read from a distance. An anti-glare window eliminates unwanted reflection of sunlight or bright indoor lighting.

For any gauge, dial size is also a key specification that can aid in readability. Accurate information allows you to operate safely and efficiently. Where possible, WIKA recommends a minimum size of four inches in diameter for process gauge dials. This enables them to be easily read from three to six feet away.

Be sure to also bear in mind a variety of other considerations as well, including mounting location, ambient conditions, what your company makes, and what flows through your network of equipment, storage tanks, and conduits.

For more information about how WIKA can improve your gauge visibility, call 1-888-WIKA-USA (945-2872) or email You may also request a quote online and don’t forget to check out the brochure.

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