Product portfolio

Versatility and flexibility

An unrivalled breadth and depth of selection offers you a large choice of measurement solutions. The WIKA programme is divided into a number of product lines and is thus suited to the widest range of applications. In addition, many instruments can be combined with each other or can be extended, for example with diaphragm seals, capillaries or thermowells.


Everything from one source – WIKA offers a complete range of instruments for the measurement of gauge, absolute and differential pressure: Pressure gauges, digital pressure gauges, pressure sensors (also known as pressure transmitters), process transmitters, pressure gauges with output signal, pressure switches and contact gauges.

By using diaphragm seals, the measuring instruments can be used at extreme temperatures from -90 to +400 °C and with aggressive, corrosive, heterogeneous, abrasive, highly viscous or toxic media. The optimal diaphragm seal designs, materials and filling media are available for each application.

The comprehensive range of accessories comprises valves and protective devices (e.g. pressure gauge valves, pressure gauge cocks and pressure gauge syphons), mounting accessories and electrical accessories.


For each temperature range the suitable solution: The WIKA product portfolio for electrical temperature measurement includes thermocouplesresistance thermometers (PTC and NTC) with integrated connector or connected cable and versions with connection head. Measuring ranges from -200 to +1,700 °C are covered. Temperature switches, analogue and digital temperature transmitters, temperature controllers and digital indicators complement our range of products.

Our dial thermometers work on the bimetal, expansion or gas actuation principle. This enables scale ranges of -200 to +700 °C in different class accuracies, response times and resilience to environmental influences.

For demanding operating conditions, the thermowells / protection tubes from WIKA are available both in solid-machined and fabricated designs. The variants offered differ mainly in their designs; with flanges, with threads or for welding. Furthermore, thermowells are available in Van Stone design and with connections for sanitary applications.


We operate on your level: WIKA has a comprehensive range of level monitoring products available for temperatures up to 450 °C, densities from 400 kg/m³ and pressure ranges up to 500 bar. The product spectrum includes bypass level indicators, submersible pressure sensors, sight glass level indicators, magnetic float switches and optoelectronic switches. Customer-specific special designs complete the WIKA offering.


The product programme in force measurement comprises force transducers, load cells and hydraulic force measurement. The portfolio includes tension and compression force transducers,strain sensorsshear beams and bending beams, single point load cells, load pins, tension links, ring and special force transducers as well as electronics and complete systems.


Our product range for primary flow elements includes orifice plates, meter runs, flow nozzles, Venturi tubespitot tubes and restriction orifices. Our portfolio also includes flow switches and air flow sensors. With this broad product range, we are able to cover almost all industrial applications. We also develop custom solutions for you in order to meet your specific requirements.


Highest precision for each requirement: WIKA offers a broad product range of calibration instruments for the physical units of measurement for pressure and temperature, and for electrical measurands. A multitude of specific patents ensure unmatched performance characteristics with many of our calibration instruments.

The range of services comprises the calibration of measuring instruments in WIKA's own accredited UKAS calibration laboratories.

SF6 gas solutions

In order to operate plants with SF6 gas properly, a variety of specialised equipment is needed. WIKA offers a complete product portfolio and the necessary application experience in the area of SF6 lifecycle.

Engineered solutions

Your requirement – our solution: WIKA sees itself not only as a provider of top quality measurement technology, but also as a highly competent partner that is able to create individually designed solutions together with you. Talk to us – we are happy to provide you with advice.

Distributed products

MTS Sensors
Applying the principles of magentostriction, MTS Sensors has developed Temposonics® Technology to create a series of reliable Liquid-Level Transmitters. These transmitters are able to provide 3-IN-1 measurement of product level, interface level, and temperature in a tank through one process opening.  They are suitable for tank gauging in Oil & Gas, Chemical, Mining, Water & Wastewater and Sanitary industries in both hazardous and non-hazardous applications.

Kimray manufactures a comprehensive line of regulators, control valves, thermostats, glycol pumps, gas operated pilots and other control devices. This equipment is used to control vessel and lead line temperatures, liquid level inside pressurized vessels, pressure drops and liquid and gas flow. Kimray products are API, ISO 9001, ANSI, NACE and CRN certified.

YZ Systems
YZ Systems commitment to the safety of people and the environment is reflected in the quality of the odorization and sampling systems they have provided to the energy industry for the past 60 years. Their Odorization Systems are engineered to measure and inject precise amounts of liquid odorant into each cubic foot, or meter of gas that flows down a pipeline to ensure detectability.  These proven reliable systems provide proportional-to-glow odorant injection, onboard metering of the odorant injected, system monitoring and alarm notification.  Similarly, the Gas and Liquid Sampling Systems are manufactured with quality and precision and offer a standard, simple and reliable family of sampling systems.

Flow Measurement Devices
Flow MD is committed to improving Liquid Measurement Technology by focusing on continual product improvement, delivering reliable customer service, and consistently attaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.  Their patented Unidirectional Captive Displacement Provers are designed to calibrate or prove a liquid flow meter’s accuracy and repeatability under actual operating conditions in the field or calibration laboratories.

LJ Star
L.J. Star Incorporated provides an extensive line of process observation equipment -- sight glasses, lights, sanitary fittings, and level gage instrumentation. Product lines include Metaglas® Safety Sight Windows, Lumiglas® Explosion Proof Lights and Cameras, Visual Flow Indicators, Sight Ports, Sanitary Clamps, Magnetic Level Gages and Gage Glass. Metaglas, the No. 1 selling fused sight glass which is installed in more plants around the world than any other brand, uses a unique combination of metal and glass formulas to make Metaglas make it 4.5x stronger than comparable products. The results are superior safety, a wider operating range, and a long, worry-free service life.


Standard product portfolio


An overview of WIKA's pressure, temperature, force, flow and calibration product categories and types.