Quality policy

Customer orientation

It is our aim to have enthusiastic customers. Our customers define the benchmark for our quality. This is the reason why we take our customers’ requirements and the high quality of our products as a benchmark for our actions. All employees of WIKA contribute in the overall performance of the company with respect to quality and customer satisfaction.

Quality policy


Quality responsibility

Our demand for quality refers not only to our products, but also to the way we deal with employees, customers and suppliers.

Staff responsibility

All WIKA employees align themselves with the requirements of the customers, with the product utilisation, with our responsibility for the environment as well as with the preconditions that are feasible both in technical and economic terms. Every employee of the company contributes in her/his place in the realisation of our quality goals. All departments and functional areas within the WIKA hierarchy share the responsibility, while every single employee is responsible for the quality of her/his working quality and performance. The accomplishment of our quality goals is an important management task. Special importance is attached to the quality of their work when the employees are assessed for their performance.

Cooperation with suppliers

In order to be a creative and innovative partner for our customers, we expect our suppliers to maintain a high quality responsibility, which we support as their partner.

Continuous improvement

Not only the faults themselves, but the causes of such faults have to be eliminated. Prevention of faults takes precedence over the elimination of faults. To maintain the effectiveness of the management system and to achieve continuous quality improvement, and thus also a reduction of costs and an increase in cost-effectiveness, the Management Information System (MIS) assists the Board of Directors in the management of the business.