Optoelectronic switches

Model Description Number
OLS-2, OSA-SC Optoelectronic level switch, for the process industry LM 31.07
OLS-5200 Optoelectronic level switch for the shipbuilding industry LM 31.06
OLS-C01 Optoelectronic level switch for industrial applications LM 31.31
OLS-C02 Optoelectronic level switch, selectable switch length LM 31.32
OLS-C04 Optoelectronic level switch for refrigeration technology LM 31.34
OLS-C05 Optoelectronic level switch, high-temperature version LM 31.33
OLS-C20 Optoelectronic level switch, compact design, high-pressure version LM 31.02
OLS-C51 Optoelectronic level switch, intrinsic safety Ex i LM 31.04
OLS-H, OLS-S Optoelectronic level switch for the process industry LM 31.01
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