Primary flow elements

Model Description Number
FLC-APT-E, FLC-APT-F Tubo Pitot, versão extraível ou versão fixa FL 10.05
FLC-APT-E, FLC-APT-F Pitot tube, extractable version and fixed version FL 10.05
FLC-CO Compact orifice plate for the direct mounting of differential pressure transmitters FL 10.10
FLC-FC Cone flow meter, for high performance in applications with limited mounting space FL 10.11
FLC-FN-FLN, FLC-FN-PIP, FLC-FN-VN Flow nozzle for in-pipe installation, flow nozzle for flange assembly, venturi nozzle FL 10.03
FLC-HHR-FP Расходомер FlowPak Для решения проблемы с прямолинейными участками FL 10.09
FLC-HHR-FP HHR FlowPak® flow meter, for applications without straight upstream and downstream pipes FL 10.09
FLC-HHR-PP HHR ProPak™ flow meter for oil and gas, for applications without straight upstream and downstream pipes FL 10.07
FLC-MP Multi-hole orifice plate FL 10.15
FLC-MR Meter run FL 10.02
FLC-AC, FLC-FL, FLC-OP Orifice plate, orifice flange, annular chamber FL 10.01
FLC-RO-MS, FLC-RO-ST Restriction orifice, single-step or multi-step FL 10.06
FLC-VT-BAR, FLC-VT-WS Venturi tube, from bar stock, from welded sheet FL 10.04
FLC-WG Wedge flow meter for slurries and highly viscous media FL 10.08
Condensate and seal pots FL 10.12
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