High-pressure test benches

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Many machine components are subjected to an internal pressure during operation, e.g. valves and fittings, pressure accumulators, hydraulic hoses or fuel lines. The tests on and with these components are carried out during product development and later in series production for quality assurance. While one wants to determine the maximum values until destruction with testing in the laboratory, in production it is the function that is checked, e.g. the internal and external leak tightness (leakage tests).

Spindle pumps are one type of pump used in high-pressure test benches. No volume flow is generated here, but rather, the fluid is compressed. With a spindle pump, the high pressure can be set very precisely. The comparison with the test item requires a reference such as a high-pressure gauge or a high-pressure sensor, which enables automatic logging. WIKA offers pressure measuring instruments up to 15,000 bar for electronic pressure sensors and up to 6,000 bar for high-pressure gauges.

Industry 4.0 is also appearing in high-pressure test benches with the change from indicating measuring instruments to electronic sensors, which enable automated and reproducible tests.