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Surface thermocouple or RTD sensors are a convenient and safe way to non-intrusively measure temperature. WIKA designs exterior surface, or “skin,” sensors that maintain high performance under the harshest process conditions. Our solutions excel in challenging applications where most other sensors would fail.  We have specific surface thermocouple or RTD sensor solutions for various applications.

WIKA advantages for your solution

Improves safety and efficiency - monitor temperature in extreme and unusual conditions, without compromising the integrity of the process.

Lowers installation cost - non-intrusive installation is faster and easier.
Simplifies maintenance - individual sensors can be easily replaced.
Greater installation flexibility - design considerations include both surface materials and your attachment preference.


Process piping and pipelines - Surface thermocouple or RTD sensors placed on the piping allow for constant temperature monitoring to ensure freeze protection. These surface sensors are integrated to the heat trace lines so they can be turned on or off.

Furnaces and tanks - Utilizing thermometry on the external of the vessel skin can provide information to show trending, excursions / rupture of the vessel, coking or stratification of the process. Surface thermocouple sensors are integrated to determine hot spot locations on the exterior of the furnace where insulation integrity may be compromised.

Design considerations

The surface thermocouple or RTD sensor solutions will depend on your specific application. WIKA understands the different designs and can provide the best one to fit your needs. Below are some of the available options:

  • Easy Replaceability
  • Welded or Strapped Installation 
  • No Welding Installation; Magnetic Design
  • Spring Loaded Design
  • High Temperatures
  • Insulated or Non-insulated Installation

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