Pressure sensors

Model Description Number
890.09.2190 Differential pressure transmitter PE 81.78
891.34.1884 Differential pressure transmitter with diaphragm PE 81.72
A-10 Pressure sensor for general industrial applications PE 81.60
A-1200 Pressure sensor with IO-Link, PNP or NPN switching output PE 81.90
A2G-45 Differential pressure sensor, for ventilation and air-conditioning, with switch and digital display PE 88.01
A2G-50 Differential pressure sensor for ventilation and air-conditioning PE 88.02
A2G-500 Differential pressure sensor PE 88.05
A2G-52 Dual differential pressure sensor, for ventilation and air-conditioning PE 88.03
A2G-520 Differential pressure air flow sensor PE 88.06
A2G-540 Differential pressure and air flow controller PE 88.07
A2G-55 Differential pressure transmitter Eco PE 88.04
E-10, E-11 Pressure transmitter with flameproof enclosure For applications in explosion-protected areas PE 81.27
HP-2 Pressure sensor for highest pressure applications up to 15,000 bar [217,500 psi] PE 81.53
IS-3 Pressure transmitter, intrinsic safety Ex ia PE 81.58
iWU-20, iWU-25, iWU-26 For application in hazardous areas, Ex ia IIC PE 87.09
M-10, M-11 Miniature pressure sensor PE 81.25
MG-1 Pressure sensor for medical gases PE 81.44
MH-3-HY OEM pressure sensor for mobile working machines for mobile hydrogen applications PE 81.59
MH-4 OEM pressure sensor, for mobile working machines PE 81.63
MH-4-CAN OEM pressure sensor For mobile working machines PE 83.02
O-10 OEM pressure sensor for industrial applications PE 81.65
P-30, P-31 Pressure sensor for precision measurements PE 81.54
R-1 Pressure transmitter for refrigeration and air-conditioning applications PE 81.45
S-11 Flush pressure transmitter for viscous and particle-laden media PE 81.02
S-20 Superior pressure transmitter for general industrial applications PE 81.61
SA-11 Pressure transmitters for sanitary applications PE 81.80
TIS-20, TIS-21 OEM pressure transducer with high accuracy PE 81.68
TTF-1 OEM pressure transducer, thin-film technology PE 81.16
WU-20, WU-25, WU-26 Ultra high purity transducer, for applications in hazardous areas, Ex nA ic PE 87.07
WUC-10, WUC-15, WUC-16 Ultra high purity transducer, for applications in hazardous areas, Ex nA ic PE 87.06
WUD-20, WUD-25, WUD-26 Ultra high purity transducer with integrated display and optional switch contacts PE 87.08
WUD-20-E, WUD-25-E, WUD-26-E Ultra high purity transducer with display, EtherCAT® PE 87.12
Różnicowy przetwornik ciśnienia PE 81.06
Intrinsically safe pressure transmitter For applications in hazardous areas PE 81.50
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