Valves and protective devices

Model Description Number
910.10 Gauge Cock 910.10
Instrument Grade Needle Valve 910.11
910.12, 910.12.100, 910.12.200, 910.12.300 Porous Pressure Gauge Snubber 910.12.100
910.12.200 Piston Pressure Gauge Snubber 910.12.200
910.12.300 Adjustable Throttling Snubber 910.12.300
910.13 Overpressure protector, adjustable, brass or stainless steel AC 09.04
910.15 Syphons and connecting pipes, for pressure measuring instruments AC 09.06
910.15.100, 910.15.200 Pigtail Pressure Gauge Siphon 910.15.100
910.15.300 DS_AC_910_15_300_en_is
910.18.100 DS_ACC_910_18_100_en_us
910.21 Pre-volume deflagration flame arrester, for mounting to zone 0 (EPL Ga) AC 91.02
910.22 Pressure gauge in-line filters AC 09.10
910.24 Mini-Siphon 910.24
910.32 Cooling element for pressure measuring instruments, for threaded attachment AC 09.21
910.32.100 DS_ACC_910_32_100_en_us
910.32.200 DS_ACC_910_32_200_en_us
BV Ball valve, process and instrument version AC 09.28
CV Check valve
HPAC High-pressure connection adapters and couplings, nominal pressure of 15,000 ... 60,000 psi [1,034 ... 4,136 bar] AC 09.33
HPBV High-pressure ball valve, nominal pressure up to 20,000 psi [1,379 bar] AC 09.31
HPCV High-pressure check valve, with redundant sealing or metal seat AC 09.35
HPFA High-pressure fittings and accessories, nominal pressure of 15,000 ... 60,000 psi [1,034 ... 4,136 bar] AC 09.32
HPNV High-pressure needle valve, nominal pressure of 15,000 ... 60,000 psi [1,034 ... 4,136 bar] AC 09.27
IBF1 Monoblock with flange connection
IBF2, IBF3 Monoblock, with flange connection AC 09.25
IBM2, IBM3 Monoblock, with threaded connection AC 09.24
IBJ4, IBS3 Monoblock, for sampling and injection processes AC 09.26
IV10, IV11, IV19, IV1A, IV1B, IV1N Needle valve and multiport needle valve AC 09.22
IV2 Block-and-bleed valve 2-valve manifold AC 09.19
IV30, IV31, IV50, IV51 Valve manifold for differential pressure measuring instruments 3-, 5-valve manifold AC 09.23
IVM Monoflange, process and instrument version AC 09.17
PBV-FS Piping ball valve, split valve body design, single or double block-and-bleed valve AC 09.34
Mini Needle Valve 910.11.100
Instrument Grade Multi-Port Valve 910.11.300
Instrument Grade Block & Bleed Needle Valve 910.11.200
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