Programming units

Model Description Number
IR80 Installation rod for high-temperature thermocouple AC 80.22
magWIK Magnetic quick connector AC 80.15
NETRIS2 Radio unit with LoRaWAN®, 4 ... 20 mA input signal, for applications in hazardous areas AC 40.02
NETRIS3 Radio unit with LoRaWAN® for WIKA measuring instruments, for applications in hazardous areas
PP82 Purge-gas control panel AC 80.19
PU-548 Programming unit for temperature transmitters and resistance thermometers AC 80.18
PU-H Programming unit, VIATOR® HART® modems SP 10.12
RD80 Refractory brick drilling system, for process nozzle 4 ... 6" or DN 90 ... DN 175 AC 80.23
RS80 Refractory brick stopper in line with the WIKA refractory brick drilling system AC 80.24
SD83 Sealing disc for mounting a high-temperature thermocouple AC 80.21
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