Temperature transmitters

Model Description Number
A2G-20 Air velocity meter SP 69.06
A2G-200 Control panel with integrated room sensor SP 69.12
A2G-60 Electronic ventilation duct temperature sensor for ventilation and air-conditioning TE 62.90
A2G-70 Ventilation duct sensor for relative humidity and temperature TE 62.91
A2G-85 Ventilation duct sensor for CO2 and temperature SP 69.07
OTMT84, OTMT85 Digital temperature transmitter, head-mounted version for PROFIBUS® PA or FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus TE 84.01
T15 Digital temperature transmitter for resistance sensors, head- and rail-mounted version TE 15.01
T16 Digital temperature transmitter for thermocouples, head- and rail-mounted version TE 16.01
T32.xS Digital temperature transmitter with HART® protocol, head- and rail-mounted version TE 32.04
T38, TR10-A, TR10-B, TR10-C, TR10-F, TR12-B, TR12-M Thermometer with drift detection sensor technology SP 05.26
T38 Digital temperature transmitter, with HART® protocol, head and rail-mounted version TE 38.01
T91.10, T91.20 Analogue temperature transmitter, head mounting version, DIN form B or form J TE 91.01
T91.30 Analogue temperature transmitter, rail mounting version TE 91.02
TFT35 Threaded thermometer with integrated transmitter TE 67.18
TIF11 Field case for temperature transmitter TE 62.02
TIF50, TIF52 HART® field temperature transmitter TE 62.01
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