Model Description Number
TC10-0 Thermocouple, industrial assembly TE 66.01
TC10-9 A product overview in PDF form about the TC10-9 Ceramic beaded industrial thermocouple assembly TC10-9
TC10-A Measuring insert for thermocouple TE 65.01
TC10-B Термопара для установки в защитную гильзу TE 65.02
TC10-B Thermocouple for additional thermowell TE 65.02
TC10-B, TC10-C, TC10-F, TC10-H, TC12-B, TC12-M, TC40, TR10-B, TR10-C, TR10-F, TR10-H, TR12-B, TR12-M, TR40 Cryogenic thermometer SP 05.25
TC10-C Threaded thermocouple with protection tube TE 65.03
TC10-D Threaded thermocouple, miniature design TE 65.04
TC10-F Flanged thermocouple with protection tube TE 65.06
TC10-H Thermocouple without thermowell TE 65.08
TC10-K Measuring insert for thermocouple with flameproof enclosure (TC10-L) TE 65.11
TC10-L Thermocouple for additional thermowell, flameproof enclosure (Ex d) TE 65.12
TC12-A Measuring insert for process thermocouple TE 65.16
TC12-B, TC12-M Process thermocouple, for additional thermowell or basic module TE 65.17
TC15 A datasheet about TC15 Remote Mount Industrial Thermocouple Assembly. TC15
TC40 Termopara kablowa TE 65.40
TC40 Cable thermocouple, mineral-insulated cable (MI cable) TE 65.40
TC45 Cut to Length Thermocouple Sensor, Type TC45
TC46 Hot runner thermocouple TE 65.46
TC47-AB Adjustable bayonet thermocouple for the plastics machinery industry, spring-loaded design TE 67.20
TC47-MT Manifold thermocouple for the plastics machinery industry TE 67.21
TC47-NT Nozzle thermocouple, for the plastics machinery industry TE 67.22
TC47-RL Ring lug thermocouple, for the plastics machinery industry TE 67.26
TC50 Surface thermocouple TE 65.50
TC52-M Magnetic surface thermocouple For high temperatures TE 66.52
TC53 Bayonet thermocouple TE 65.53
TC55 Thermocouple with spring-loaded tip TE 65.55
TC80 High Temperature Thermocouple Assembly, Type TC80
TC80 Thermocouple for industrial furnaces (design TC80-H) SP 05.24
TC80 Thermocouple straight version per DIN 50446 for high-temperature measurements TE 65.80
TC81 Thermocouple for flue gas temperature measurements with protection tube model TW81 TE 65.81
TC82 High-temperature thermocouple TE 65.82
TC83 Sapphire-design thermocouple for high-temperature measurements TE 65.83
TC84 Sapphire-design thermocouple for high-temperature measurements with safety chamber TE 65.84
TC85 Measuring insert for high-temperature thermocouple TE 66.85
TC90 High-pressure thermocouple TE 65.90
TC96-R Flexible multipoint thermometer, Flex-R TE 70.10
TR36 Resistance thermometer, threaded, compact version TE 60.36
Термопара, пряме виконання згідно з DIN 50446, Для високотемпературних вимірювань TE 65.80
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