Portable pressure generation

Model Description Number
CPK-MM Test couplings "MINIMESS® system" AC 87.02
CPP1000-L, CPP1000-M Hydraulic hand spindle pump CT 91.05
CPP1000-X, CPP1600-X Hydraulic comparison test pump CT 91.12
CPP10-H Pneumatic hand test pump, to 10 bar [145 psi] CT 91.10
CPP1200-X Hydraulic comparison test pump CT 91.08
CPP120-X Pneumatic comparison test pump CT 91.03
CPP30 Pneumatic hand test pump To 35 bar [500 psi] CT 91.06
CPP4000-X Hydraulic comparison test pump CT 91.09
CPP7000-X Hydraulic comparison test pump CT 91.13
CPP1000-H, CPP700-H Hydraulic hand test pump CT 91.07
WIKA-Cal Calibration software CT 95.10
Pressure control CT 91.42
pressure supply case CT 91.41
Adjustment tools CT 91.31
Accessories and supplementary devices CT 91.23
Pressure manifold and accessories CT 91.22
Components for gauge adaptation CT 91.21
Adjustment and calibration benches CT 91.11
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